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Firing Line Rules

  • All guns must enter and exit range through the safety room
  • Only handgun and rifle calibers on the posted official list may be used. NO RIFLE MAGNUMS and ABSOLUTELY NO FULL METAL JACKETS.
  • No ammo in safety room
  • A range officer must be on duty whenever the range is in use.
  • One gun, MAXIMUM ON THE LINE, per shooting position.
  • Firearms may only be loaded on the range officer's command.
    (see Range Commands for details)
  • Firearms can only be pointed in one of three directions:
    • Safety room backstop
    • Floor when in holster
    • Range backstop
  • No one will advance past the shooting line without the permission of the range officer.
  • No one may leave the active range with a holstered handgun.
  • Spectators and visitors present in the shooting area must be wearing ear protection and behind the firing line, otherwise they should remain in the viewing area outside the range. NO UNSUPERVISED CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED ON THE RANGE.