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Legislative News:

Here we try to follow current political affairs relating to our sport.  Members are encouraged to submit articles of interest.  They will be reviewed for appropriate content and then posted to our site. All sources must be cited and credited before publication.
Breaking News (incl CSSA information)

2014 CFO Club & Range Conference

2016 CFO Club & Range Conference:   Here you will find a copy of presentations from speakers at the June 2016 Club and Range Conference held in Orillia. Our club auditor was present.

There is information regarding the change brought about by C-42,  some warnings about lead poisoning, and some cautions about Lyme disease while out in the bush.

Articles and Information of General Interest:

There are many general interest articles on the sport of shooting. Our membership is encouraged to submit items that they believe would be of interest to the rest of us. Information in this advisory is general in nature and should not be acted upon without specific professional advice. All sources must be cited and credited before publication.
General Information

Our Insurance Policies:  

Each year the club submits an insurance premium per member. The NFA policy covers more than shooting sports activity at the club itself. It also provides some protection for specific activities outside the club. A copy of the policy and its features is here available for your consultation.
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Club Forms: