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Please note:  No guns or ammunition are stored on site.

Special Notice to Members:   

A moratorium was imposed in March 2017. The actions of a few shooters persistent in their use of military surplus ammunition affected several members.   The controlled reintroduction of these rifles to our club was implemented in July 2017. 

The use of SKS/SKS Style Rifles in 7.62x39mm, AR 15/AR 15 Style Rifles in .223/.556, and Mosin Nagant/Mosin Nagant Style Rifles in 7.62x54R is now restricted to full members who have the PMRU (Paramilitary Rifle User) sticker on the back of their card. To obtain a PMRU sticker for your card, refer to the announcement sent to all members in July 2017.  You must have a sticker to use a paramilitary rifle in the club.

Vankleek Hill Gun Club
Post Office box 281,
St Eugene, Ontario, K0B 1P0



The purpose of the Vankleek Hill Gun Club is to promote and instruct in the safe use of firearms in all competitive and recreational shooting activities. The only prerequisite for membership is a sincere and genuine interest in the use and possession of firearms and a responsible and determined attitude to adhere to the very strictest safety standards as well as a line of conduct and attitude which is above reproach in the community. Only individuals who meet these criteria are accepted. For this reason, the club benefits from an excellent reputation both with the local authorities and its fellow-citizen's in general.

Our mission:

  • To promote the safe use of firearms at all times
  • To promote the growth of the Vankleek Hill Gun Club
  • To maintain an active liaison with other sports shooting authorities

Brief History

The Vankleek Hill Gun Club was founded in the spring of 1964 and obtained official recognition in the form of a "letter of approval" in August 25, 1964 from the Attorney General of Ontario through the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police. (..more)

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