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Club Rules

  • The member is responsible for having all restricted and non-restricted firearm documents up to date and valid. Permits for the transportation of restricted and non-restricted firearms are valid only when accompanied by an up to date Vankleek Hill Gun Club membership. Membership cards should be displayed while on club premises.
  • All members must use their e-card to enter and exit the club. Guests must be entered in the Gun Club register.
  • No horseplay on/or about the range and facilities.
  • Drugs and/or alcohol are PROHIBITED on/or about the range facilities. No person may enter the range in an intoxicated state
  • Extraneous noise outside the range facilities should be kept to a minimum
    • Drive carefully
    • The maximum speed limit is 15 km per hour RESPECT THE SPEED LIMIT
    • Dim your highlights around the house
    • Park as close to the range facility as possible
  • The Vankleek Hill Gun Club is liable for the visitor or guest's behaviour while on the range therefore direct supervision is necessary.
  • All firearms must be handled in the shooting area of the range at the designated SAFETY ZONE. NO firearms are to be handled within the meeting room section.
  • The Safety zone set aside for the purpose of handling firearms. In the safety zone, a member may check his firearm, fix his firearm, show it to a friend, clean his firearm, or handle it in any manner that is considered safe by the specified shooting discipline. To insure that this area is safe, NO ammunition is to be present in the safety zone.
  • The red light at the entrance to the range will indicate the condition of the range. When the red light is on, this indicates that the range is occupied and active. When the light is off, or the green light is on, the range is safe.
  • To insure that the air that you breathe is safe, the ventilation system must be operating and the exhaust fans turned on.
  • All visitors should be sponsored by a member. The range officer in charge should know the presence of visitors and spectators.
  • New CFO requests: No bullets, whether in magazines or in boxes, should be left on the firing line when you finish shooting. Remove all bullets to the back table away from fire arms. The CFO now allows us to trigger lock a weapon on the firing line after it has been declared safe by the range officer..
Bylaws 2017 accepted 04NOV2017. A complete list of rules will be made available in our new club handbook.